Benefits Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff Hair

For women who want to keep her hair groomed after a day of use of Apple Cider vinegar, Apple Cider vinegar has been known long enough in the world of health. And lately, Apple vinegar is also considered by the manufacturer as beauty solutions skin and hair.

But, you don't have to look for products that contain Apple vinegar to reap the benefits of her beauty. Because your usual apple vinegar drink has the same efficacy.

Benefits Apple Cider Vinegar for Dandruff Hair

Efficacy of 1: anti hair dull
When other chemicals, sunlight, dust and dirt make hair look dull and not shining, then it's time You tried the efficacy of Apple vinegar. By applying it on the hair shaft, then the Apple vinegar will take care of the hair to its full potential.

Make hair become more glowing, soft, and easy to set up. However remain cautious, because Apple vinegar can make the hair too dry, so for those of you who have any type of normal or dry hair, use at least once a month only.


Add 50 ml of vinegar into 100 ml of water, and massage the hair shaft with the herb.

Treat dandruff
Dandruff shampoos you cannot count on anymore?

Take 25 ml of Apple vinegar, add a bucketful of warm water. After shampooing with shampoo, rinse your hair with vinegar water. Let stand about 30 minutes, then rinse with plain water.

You can do it every day when you did Your dandruff too many numbers. Then do a 3 day care once, and once a week when it is reduced so that the hair is not too dry.

Clean the comb a snap
Dust, dirt and hair stuck in the rest of the comb is sometimes make You lazy to clean it.

Dip the comb in a bucketful of water that has been mixed with 1 tablespoon apple vinegar and SOAP. Let stand 15 minutes, then brush comb for a bit. The dirt will come out, and combs are easier to clean. Rinse the comb, and pat dry.

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